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New BEEBO is Coming!

2015-06-11 16:07:11 by fabulous999

Story is mapped out.  Recording date is set.  Art is, well I'm working on it.  BEEBO part 12 is on it's way!  Check MURDERFOOT on the Facebook for updates.

Thanks Everybody

2012-06-05 19:07:51 by fabulous999

Just want to thank everyone who has watched, voted on and reviewed the new Beebo. The onslaught of positivity has been surprising given the amount of time that has passed since my last entry to the series and the number of quality submissions on the site at this point. It's been over a decade since the first episode was released, and there's roughly one episode for every year that has passed since then. So to all the old folks who look at the series with a nostalgic tear in their eye, and all the young folks who have yet to be fully corrupted from the scars left by Internet humor, THANK YOU! AND BUY A FUCKING T-SHIRT!

For future info on Beebo and more please "like" Murder Foot on Facebook!

BEEBO part 11

2012-06-01 16:08:35 by fabulous999

Go watch BEEBO part 11!!!


2012-05-27 18:29:31 by fabulous999

This week. No joke. Keep an eye out.

Please like Murder Foot on Facebook for future updates about Beebo and other projects of mine. The main site will be updated this week before with the release of BEEBO part 11 here on Newgrounds.


2012 Animation Reel

2012-02-04 19:21:33 by fabulous999

I have conquered the beast known as college. Check out my current animation reel and let me know what you think. Will work for SWEET SWEET CURRENCY!

New MC Lars Video

2011-11-07 23:35:15 by fabulous999

I made the new official MC Lars video Annabel Lee R.I.P.., all by me self, check it out and let me know what you think. Everything was animated in After Effects and Photoshop, no Flashes.

I might as well fill you in on what I am doing. Workin' on my bitchin' senior animation for school! It's my first attempt at creating an original, complete animated short in Maya and my first attempt at making a complete animated short that doesn't look like amateur silly garbage, but more like professional silly garbage. I have experience doing character animation using existing rigs but am near clueless on the rest of the process and learning rapidly. I'm taking on the whole modeling, texturing, rigging and animating not to mention audio (oh shit, mentioned the audio!).

http://jbs3.blogspot.com/ link to my blog where I occasionally post updates on the project. I'll post the current animatic soon.

Could definitely use some help from any experienced modeling or texturing people so give me a shout if you're worth a shit and have some time to spare.

Beebo Delayed

2010-09-20 14:27:49 by fabulous999

Well, missed my goal of having Beebo 11 out by the end of the summer. which means now I'm going to have to find time to squeeze it into my hectic school schedule. Which, as you've probably guessed, means it's going to be a while longer before it's out. Sorry guys.

I forget what the last percentage I threw out on the new Beebo was but I've been chugging away at it and looking at what's left would say we're definitely around 20% to 25% actually completed at this point. There's just a little more dialogue to record and then it's smooth sailing and I'm pushing to have it done at least by the end of the month if not sooner.

Here's another video of my band from our first show, again! Wooooooo!!!

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Sheep Fucker

2010-07-24 16:24:41 by fabulous999

Thanks to Jonas Boda for making it out to see the show. This was our first gig and we worked our asses off to get 5 songs ready to go in a week's time only recently having found a drummer. All things considered I felt it went pretty damn good.


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